Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to SST

On 11 September 2012, SST hosted 15 Australian Educators:
  1. Ms Lisa Hayman        
  2. Ms Gillian Brookes        
  3. Ms Enza Calabro        
  4. Mr Fred Clarke        
  5. Mr. Peter Corkill        
  6. Mr Trevor Edwards        
  7. Ms Leonie Fitzgerald        
  8. Mr Russell Gascoigne        
  9. Ms Katelyn Haites        
  10. Ms Narissa Leung        
  11. Ms Sandra Myrwoda        
  12. Ms Angie O'Hare        
  13. Ms Mary Pendergast        
  14. Mr Jason Smallwood        
  15. Ms Teresa Stone        
  16. Mr Stephen Li

Sharing Session

SST did an introduction on its vision, mission, values, goals, curriculum, and ICT enabled learning.

Campus Tour

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